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According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), the excise tax is a type of indirect tax paid on some commodities considered hazardous to human health and the environment. Carbonated drinks, energy drinks, and substances like tobacco are some of the products to mention. Since October 1, 2017, the UAE has imposed an excise tax.

Producers, importers, and stockpilers of excisable commodities must register with the Federal Tax Authority once the excise tax rules (FTA). The FTA has the authority to examine taxable enterprises’ tax invoices and impose penalties on those found to violate the Excise Code. 

Tobacco, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks were previously subject to UAE excise tax. Electronic smoking devices and accessories and sweetened beverages came in subject to excise duty in the UAE as of December 1, 2019. As a result, enterprises dealing with excise goods must register with the UAE’s excise tax system. The updated excise tax legislation took effect on December 1, 2019, and affected all enterprises that deal with excise goods directly or indirectly.

Shuraa Intl Tax Consultants and Accountants provide a one-stop solution to your registration concerns for businesses seeking direct assistance with excise tax registration in the UAE. We have highly skilled and experienced tax agents and advisors from various backgrounds, including legal, financial, accounting, and business. They are well-versed in the legislation enacted by the Federal Tax Authority, and they use this knowledge to provide prompt assistance and support to businesses in need. Incredible UAE Excise Tax services under us are Excise Registration, Excise Compliance Services, and Excise Advisory Services.

Our capable staff of counsellors and consultants ensures that all of your financial and taxation needs are met. We guarantee your adherence to VAT responsibilities and tax compliance to UAE VAT rules as per the FTA’s rule through our effective services. Please speak with one of our tax consultants to receive the most outstanding expert assistance at a reasonable cost.


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Excise Registration

We help you throughout the tedious excise registration process to support your business sustain in UAE.

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Excise Compliance

We deliver our customers with proper guidance and management to avoid dealing with financial complications.

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Excise Advisory Services

Our professional team is trained and committed to delivering the finest excise advisory services to deal with excise difficulties.

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Excise Tax is an indirect tax inflicted on a limited range of goods and rarely on services. The Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”) States are demanded to adopt an Excise Tax common framework with different tax rates applying to other groups of products.
The following items are generally expected to be excisable: Tobacco products, soft drinks with carbonation and energy drinks and goods with a specific purpose
Excise Tax is a consumption tax that is levied on specific goods only. It is a single-phase tax levied once at the import or production stage within the country. Businesses collect it on behalf of the Tax Authority.

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