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Accounting has become ameliorated universally with the enactment of International Financial Reporting Standards, and so this makes it extra specialized and sophisticated. In UAE, all commercial businesses must maintain proper account books for at least five years as a legal requirement because accounting is considered a crucial component of a business that enables keeping track of a Company’s income and expenditures. Also, it indicates the procedure of outlining, evaluating & documenting these transactions to the regulators, oversight agencies & tax collection entities. 

Due to the rise in the knottiness of today’s business environment, monitoring and gauging finances became a problematic task. Lack of a worthwhile strategy for taking care of business transactions, the managing of finances becomes weak. With Shuraa Intl Tax Consultants & Accountants, you can quickly fulfill every aspect of accountancy. Our team will help you smooth running your business by offering your financial statements as precisely as possible. Typically, companies encompassed in onshore jurisdictions will have to assemble and file annual accounts. Also, these accounts must often be audited. However, in most offshore jurisdictions, it is considered an offense for businesses to fail to keep adequate financial records to demonstrate and clarify business transactions. 

We have an excellent team of qualified auditors & accountants all over the UAE who will take care of your different accounting and finance requirements. We deliver the administration with information significant to the company’s functioning and confirm that you are entirely obliging with all the regulatory requirements. Conducting accounting intramurally may badly impact your business, as you will be incapable of providing the deliberation it proposes. Also, you may have numerous things to deal with, and therefore, you may wind up imposing errors in the financial records. We understand your demands and the specific requirements for getting the best accounting solutions for the solid performance of your business.


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We deliver top-notch Accounting services all over UAE to help your company sustain financial crisis.

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Bookeeping & Accounting Outsourcing

Shuraa helps you in building a solid company foundation by incredible Accounting Outsourcing and bookkeeping services.

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Accounts Review Services

Shuraa's Accounts Review servicing team will lend you a helping hand to have complete management and track of the accounts transactions.

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MIS Reporting & Compliance

We have MIS Reporting and Compliance service to prevent your business from suffering a significant financial crisis.

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It assists a business in ensuring the correct flow of accurate financial data to maintain transparency in business operations.
The main advantages of the Account Keeping service are that internal processes are easy, and operating costs are lower.
According to Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies, the UAE VAT law, and related free zone laws, companies must keep their accounts for at least five years.

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