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The UAE Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) have set down several taxation regulations for commercial entities and businesses in the country. We professionally tailor ourselves to all the changes and are made reliable to record and manage all your financial matters. We are up to date on the vital taxation information in UAE, the recent shift in the economic system, tax implementation in the UAE, and the exclusion of tax-free jurisdictions, which is essential to comprehend Tax in UAE.

Shuraa International Tax and Accounting Services LLC is a company based in Dubai, UAE, comprises an enthusiastic team of skilled accountants, knowledgeable auditors, and experienced Tax advisors. We are the leading taxation company in UAE and are popularly known as Shuraa Tax Consultants and Accountants. Our expert services include UAE VAT, effective Tax management, and essential accounting services for a Dubai business to flourish. We take utmost care in dealing with our client’s needs. We know what we are precisely doing by establishing a professional association with the critical officials in the ministry. It help us with the up-to-date changes in commercial laws and the upgrades in the UAE taxation rules.Our proficient strategies make your business prepared proactively for all these economic and taxation changes. Our Dubai tax advisers assess your current situation for tax planning and manage your company’s bookkeeping so that you always have the essential records and registrations without any VAT fines and penalties..

Yet another crucial assistance from is maintaining and recording your company’s bookkeeping flawlessly. We effectively audit the financial statements, give you complete service throughout financial analysis, planning, inform tax litigation and important policies across a wide range of economic sectors,, and much more.

Our expert and experienced team is always equipped to support your taxation and accounting needs. We are loyal, supportive, and informative to all our clients. We aim to create a professional place for companies to reach out to create outstanding customer service. For our clients, we create infinite options that not only assist them to comprehend the numerous tax implementations in the UAE and allow them to improve their company’s overall financial efficiency and productivity.

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It would be best to work with us because we have all it takes to be the leading UAE company for Tax implementation. We promise you will have the best Tax management and consulting services by your side.

The Long History Of Experience

We proudly announce ourselves as the number one choice among UAE business aspirants and ambitious entrepreneurs because of our successful history of experience in the Tax consulting and bookkeeping field.

Integrity And Quality In Service

We aim to provide reliable and affordable professional services with integrity, excellence, and confidentiality in our firm's system to meet our customer's requests.

Our Dedicated Consulting Team

Our talented Tax consulting team is chosen wisely to craft and solve all the client's services with adequate skills, courteous behaviour, expertized knowledge in Taxation.

Regular Laws and Taxation updates

We always strive to keep our customer updated about latest UAE Laws and taxation regulations. We analyse and assess impact of latest reforms on client’s business and advise them legitimate policies to cope up with new reforms.

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Put an end to your curiosity and learn more about our selfless taxation services. Please take a look at what we do for your company in UAE.

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